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Automate 70 Shorts a Week On YouTube,
Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram
Without Ever Filming Yourself

Automate 70 Shorts a Week On 
YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram
Without Ever Filming Yourself

Without Scripting, Voicing, Editing, or Showing Yourself On Camera
So You Can Create Freedom And a Second Income Stream

Can everybody make money with this?

NO. This Challenge is NOT FOR EVERYONE

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Andy Hafell
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DISCLOSURE: My goal at automate shorts is to help readers improve their online business, I partner with companies that provide products and services. If a purchase or signup is made through the links below, we receive compensation for the referral. 

Introduction To Automate Shorts

Disclosure: The links on this page may save you up to 64% OFF normal pricing due to partnerships. 
I receive commission if you make a purchase through my exclusive links. 

Step 1 - Copy This Affiliate Link

Cost: FREE
  •  Make $146+/day without spending any money upfront
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  • ​ Make Money without having to create your own product

Step 2 - Paste Keywords

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  • ​ Best keyword research tool
  • AI Video Ideas 

Step 3 - Automate Text

Cost: $49/mo (Boss Mode is Needed)
  •  Generate months of content in under 60 seconds
  • Auto-generate content that gets views 
  • ​Never write a word ever again
  • My #1 favorite AI tool

Step 4 - Automate Shorts

Cost: $15/mo (Business Plan is Needed)
  •  No editing experience or skills required 
  • ​Create videos in less than 60 seconds capable of 100K-1M Views
  •  Use these videos as your own personal "sales force" - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Easiest way to automate 30 Videos in less than 30 minutes

Step 5 - Mass Distribute

Cost: $25/mo (Content Marketer Plan is needed)
  •  Create once, publish everywhere.
  • ​5x your publishing output & reach immediately
  • Automate, not outsource
  • Work less, grow more

Step 6 - Copy Affiliate Funnel

Cost: FREE (up to 300 subscribers)
  • Automate multipe income generating Affiliate Funnels 
  • Trigger automated emails based on user behaviour.
  • Automated personalized experiences
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Step 7 - Bringing It All Together

Cost: FREE (included with web hosting. Installed when using Bluehost)

Step 8 - Copy My Funnel

Cost: (OPTIONAL: $127/mo Basic Plan)
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
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Not Everybody Is Accepted
Get the winners to full-time income by automating shorts
This is not for everyone

I'm tired of lazy deadbeats complaining about being broke...

"I'm stressing about money, i can't afford this, i don't have time"

While their phone screen time is at 4 hours per day 

scrolling their phone...



I laugh because It's never been easier to make money

The internet made it easy and

now that every platform is focusing on shorts

and now that the recession is happening

it's time to wake up

the time is now!

anybody anywhere

without any previous experience, skills or knowledge

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This is the reason i created the VIP Crew.

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I'm giving you the blueprint on this page, either take it or not. 

Prove to yourself you're a real action-taker

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Bonus #1 - 17 Proven Combinations

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Bonus #2 - My Documents

  • Generate Unlimited Shorts Ideas with These 8 Jasper Commands
  • I Trained Jasper To Write Copy Like My #1 Favorite Copywriter Gary Halbert
  • ​The Relatable Stories Framework to Go Viral in 60 Seconds
  • ​Copy & Paste These 30 Viral Hooks To Grab Attention Immediately

Bonus #3 - Shorts in Minutes

  • List of 18 Viral Faceless TikTok Channels & Videos
  • Copy These 3 Faceless Video Templates Without Starting From Scratch
  • ​The 25 Most Viral Tiktok & Shorts Sounds of 2022

Bonus #4 - Full-Time Affiliate Income

  • The 17 Emails That Made Me $78,464+ in 1 Week
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Bonus #5 - Automate With Ease

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NB: You only need 1 of them
Get Access To The VIP Crew & Bonuses
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"How quickly will I make my money back?"
It depends how seriously you take automating shorts

But many members made their money back in a couple of weeks.
“Do I need money to start?”
Not necessarily.

A lot of our members chose to learn video editing, which does not require money.
“Does my age really not matter?”
It really doesn’t.

Instead of getting a new videogame that becomes boring in a week,
you can shock your family & friends by becoming the kid who’s leveled up in real life.
“I don't have much time available, can I still do this?”
Rule #1 of shorts is AUTOMATION.

The methods I teach are designed for setting up and letting it run.
So all you need is minimum 30 minutes a day to watch my video tutorial and apply what you’ve learned.
“I live in X country. Is it a problem?”
Not at all.

At automate shorts, we make money online, targeting english speaking people
so no matter your location earnings will be the same.
Still have questions?
Ask anything about automate shorts to
Why do you only let 100 People into the VIP Crew?
Unlike a lot of the Paid courses of scammy idiot gurus out there, the secrets inside of the VIP crew work.. and they work very well.

If I shared this secret to more than 100 people it would be saturated and it wouldn't work anymore. 

That's why it's first come first serve, action takers get rewarded and make the most money.
Email "Proof Screenshot" to:
The clock is ticking...
Are you joining the winning team?

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